Rosie and the Poor Rabbits

Written by Maryann Macdonald
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Firefly Books

(Ages 4-7)

That lovable Rosie of Rosie Runs Away and Rosie’s Baby Tooth is back in a touching story about a child’s growing awareness of the world outside her comfortable home. Melissa Sweet’s bright watercolors bring to life this story that deals subtly with a contemporary issue.


“While shopping with her rabbit family, Rosie notices that another rabbit mother does not buy her child a cupcake treat. When Rosie asks her own mother why not, Mama suggests that the other family may not have the money. Later, Mama proposes that Rosie give some extra toys and clothes to poor rabbits. The hard puzzle and the ugly doll are easy to give, but Rosie struggles when it comes to giving up items she loves.”


“Lovable characters and captivating watercolors make the book a good introduction to the concepts of poverty and generosity.”

Horn Book

“This simple tale with a contemporary lesson would be a good introduction to a discussion of poverty and charity.”

School Library Journal

“One of my preschooler’s favorite books. Beautifully illustrated, with lots of fun, subtle bunny themes, like radish wallpaper. A great book about selfless giving!”

Sharon Schaeffer, Colorado