Hedgehog Bakes a Cake
Date: August 1, 1990
Bank Street
ISBN: 978-0553348903

Barnes & Noble

Hedgehog Bakes a Cake

Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

“Hedgehog wants to bake a cake. His friend Rabbit wants to help. So do Squirrel and Owl. What a mess! Come along to Hedgehog’s cottage and see how he solves the problem of too many cooks in the kitchen.”


“Meet Hedgehog and his friends as they try their hands, wings and paws at baking – a potentially disastrous endeavor with enchanting results.”

“Munsinger’s scruffy, homey animals match this gentle story.”
Horn Book

What readers say:

“Lots of fun and the cake tastes great! I highly recommend this book.”
— Scottsdale, Arizona

“I was pleased by the positive values shown by the main character, Hedgehog. He doesn’t lose patience when his friends cause him problems and he is always careful not to hurt their feelings… I was also pleased that Hedgehog, being male, shows that it is alright for a boy to like to cook.”
— Amy F. Walker, Louisiana