How to Hug
Date: February 1, 2011
Two Lions
ISBN: 978-0761458043

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How to Hug

Pictures by Jana Christy

It’s amazing what a hug can do! Cheer you up when you’re sad, help you say “I love you,” “I’ll miss you,” or “You’re the best friend ever!” But be careful…don’t hug anyone too tight, and never try to hug anyone who’s angry. If you offer someone a hug, you might get a kiss, too…be ready!

How To Hug is the definitive guide to hugging. It makes a perfect Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthday, wedding day or any-old-day gift. If you or someone special in your life needs to know the ins and outs of embracing…get a copy of How To Hug.


“Warm and fuzzy. This book could be used for preschoolers learning to respect the personal space of others.”
School Library Journal

What readers say:

“What a charming book about the emotions! The illustrations are cute and fun and keep the message from every getting heavy-handed. This is a great read-aloud for toddlers and young preschoolers.”
— J. Prather