The Pink Party
Date: February 1, 2011
Two Lions
ISBN: 978-0761458142

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The Pink Party

Pictures by Judy Stead

Rose and Valentina both love pink.

But whenever Rose gets something pink, Valentina gets something even pinker!

Rose secretly thinks Valentina is becoming a show-off, but she’s afraid to say so.

When Valentina gives the pinkest party ever, Rose just can’t keep quiet any longer. She says what she thinks, and both friends decide that not everything is perfect in pink.

What critics say:

“This sweet story delivers a moral about friendship in a pleasant package that is sure to appeal to petite lovers of all things pink.”
School Library Journal

What readers say:

“Hurt feelings can be hard. There’s a rapprochement that is just perfect at the end of this story, one that even adults might be able to learn from.”
— Katherine Leiner