It’s Good to have a Grandma

Written by Maryann Macdonald
Illustrated by Priscilla Burris

Albert Whitman and Co. 

(Ages 3 – 7)

“It’s good to have a grandma, because grandmas aren’t in a hurry,” starts this picture book that tell about all the things a child’s grandmother finds time to do. She has time to catch lightning bugs and to blow bubbles, to tell her grandchildren what the world was like, long ago, before they were born. Grandmas aren’t fussy, either. “If you drop popcorn into the cracks in the couch, grandmas don’t yell.” Who wouldn’t want to have a grandma? 


These immensely charming books about the attributes of grandmas and grandpas cover a wide range of activities and personality traits. Many children will be able to find some connection with their own grandparents in the pages. Grandmas are patient and funny and don’t mind if you spill things. Grandpas are always up for an adventure and full of jokes and like to watch your new tricks at the playground. Both grandmas and grandpas love to tell you stories about when they were young. Difficult topics are not brought up here, but they do both cover that sometimes grandparents live far away and that it’s a real treat when grandchildren get to see them. Parents are not found in the pages, which positively keeps the focus solely on the grandparent-grandchild relationship. Burris’s illustrations are fairly simple, but they do show many different kinds of families and focus on all of the fun things you can do together. VERDICT These books are full of the warmth and affection that grandparents carry for their grandchildren. Recommended for most picture book collections.

School Library Journal 

“The first-person text describes each type of activity in a calm, quiet style, reflecting the theme that time and patience are gifts of love.” 

Shirley Evans, Kirkus Reviews

5 star-average on Amazon reviews!  One example:
Pure heart and joy!
A lovely book that will engage young and old. Every grandmother will see echoes of her own special love with her grands and children will see themselves with joy on every page. Huzzah to Maryann Macdonald for a great text and to Patricia Burris for her energetic illustrations and palette.  

Louise Borden