The Costume Copycat

Written by Maryann Macdonald
Illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf

(Ages 4-7) 

Just once, Angela wants to outshine her big sister, Bernadette, on Halloween. But Bernadette always has the best costume. What can Angela do? Maybe wearing Bernadette’s costume from the year before will make Angela stand out… But it is not until Angela decides to use her own imagination that she discovers how to really sparkle.


“A wise and winning story about sisterly rivalry and affection.”


“Filled with gentle humor, this is a fun, non-preachy story about the challenges of being a younger sibling. Use it as a holiday selection or when exploring family relationships.”

School Library Journal

“Here’s a Halloween book you can read to your kids all year round. Children who love costumes (and who doesn’t?) will enjoy The Costume Copycat, full of dress-up fun and sibling rivalry. Put this charming book next to your costume box for a daily read with your little monsters.”

Stacey, Garrison, New York