Rosie’s Baby Tooth

Written by Maryann Macdonald
Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Firefly Books

(Ages 4-7)

When Rosie loses her first baby tooth, she is not quite sure she likes it at all. She’s not quite sure, either, that she wants to give it up to the tooth fairy, fifty cents or not. But a little help from Daddy, a letter to the tooth fairy, and, better yet, a letter back help set things right in this second charming book about Rosie.


“The simple dialogue here is amusing and unusually perceptive; Sweet’s pleasing watercolors reflect the warmth of this nice bunny family and express the story’s good humor.”


“The attractive watercolor illustrations are as softly reassuring as the comforting, bibliotherapeutic tale about the fear of growing up. Rosie is a clever, strong-minded heroine and her parents are patient and caring. Although the tale is good for independent reading, it is also an excellent lap book for those children facing the same fears.”

School Library Journal

“This was an excellent book. My daughter wanted to read it again and again. The characters are funny and enjoyable.”

A reader from Rome, New York

“The charming story of Rosie’s first loose tooth is perfectly married with marvellously executed illustrations. Very true-to-life tale. Illustrations full of character. Highly recommend!”